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Medicinal Chemistry

The NIPER-Hyderabad offers a two-year full-time M.S. (Pharm.) program in Medicinal Chemistry from 2007 onwards.

The discipline medicinal chemistry plays a vital role in design and synthesis of new molecules using synthetic organic chemistry, the creation of biological knowledge and medicinal applications makes a major contribution to the identification and development of small drug-like molecules in the discovery process.

The target structural information will be obtained from ligand-protein structures, enzyme data derived from computational, modeling and biological experiments. The potential for speedy optimization of drug discovery by selective and carefully design combinatorial small libraries along with rapid, sensitive and specific assay procedures are being explored. Natural products with desired biological activity at nanomolar range are being considered as lead compounds for further development.

Our main focus in this area is to identify novel chemotherapeutic agents such as anticancer, antimicrobial, diabetic, inflammation, etc.

Pharmaceutical Analysis

The NIPER-Hyderabad offers a two-year full-time M.S. (Pharm.) program in Pharmaceutical Analysis from 2007 onwards.

The principal remit of the department is the discovery, development and application of analytical methods and techniques relevant to pharmaceutical and biomedical sciences. The department specializes in training pharmacists and chemists in developing their knowledge and problem solving skills in pharmaceutical analysis.

The post graduate degree programme in Pharmaceutical Analysis is directed towards contemplating a career in Pharmaceutical Analysis, Quality assurance, regulatory affairs in the Pharmaceutical industry at research institutes. A broad knowledge of pharmaceutical analysis is presented with an emphasis placed on both the academic and professional aspects of the subject and it prepares a Graduate for entry into research in the field of pharmaceutical analysis in both academia and Industry.

The Ph.D in Pharmaceutical Analysis prepares graduates for industrial or other positions or for more advanced academic training in areas requiring analysis of pharmaceuticals, biopharmaceutical, pharmacokinetic, or other types of computer-assisted experimental data. Students are admitted after earning a M.S. degree (pharm Analysis) or M.Pharm. Depending on individual progress, the degree is normally completed in 3-5 years. See PhD Curriculum and Graduate Course Descriptions.

Pharmacology & Toxicology

The NIPER-Hyderabad offers a two-year full-time M.S. (Pharm.) program in Pharmacology & Toxicology from 2007 onwards.

The Pharmacology and Toxicology discipline seeks to provide innovative knowledge for students pursuing their Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D) and Master of Science (M.S.) degree in Pharmacology and Toxicology. A key feature of this field of study is its integrated approach of drug's pharmacokinetics, mechanism of action, identifying site of action and toxic effects. This program trains the students in state-of-the-art approaches in basic research in pharmacology, toxicology, molecular pharmacology, and closely related sub-disciplines. It prepares students for careers in independent research or related careers in academia, industry or government.

Pharmacology and Toxicology are allied scientific discipline concerned with investigations of physiological and biochemical actions of endogenous compounds and xenobiotics on living tissues. These studies range in scope from investigations at the molecular level to clinical pharmacological and toxicological responses in humans. The ability of pharmacologists to elucidate basic mechanisms of drug action in living cells and biological systems has permitted the development of a rational approach to drug design and use. In addition, pharmacologists and toxicologists study compounds to gain a better understanding of the molecular mechanisms of toxicity. It allows the students to develop close working relationships throughout the student's training and provides a high degree of flexibility in designing individual courses of study and research projects.


NIPER-Hyderabad offers a two-year full-time M.S. (Pharm.) program in Pharmaceutics from 2010 onwards.

This department encompasses basic, applied and clinical investigations in Drug delivery and  Pharmacokinetics/Biopharmaceutics. Drug delivery is the major thrust area of Pharmaceutics department. Drug delivery is the method of administering an active pharmaceutical ingredient to achieve a therapeutic effect in humans or animals through various routes of administration.

Drug delivery technologies modify drug release profile, absorption, distribution and elimination for the benefit of improving product efficacy and safety as well as patient convenience and compliance. The goal of drug formulation and delivery is to administer a drug at a therapeutic concentration to a particular site of action for a specified period of time.

Regulatory Toxicology

NIPER-Hyderabad offers a two-year full-time M.S. (Pharm.) program in Regulatory Toxicology from 2013 onwards.

A recent addition to our academic courses is the Department of Regulatory Toxicology, which has been added to existing course in order to produce specialized pharmacy graduates who can meet the ever increasing demands in pharmaceutical industries. The aim for initiating this course is to teach concepts and mechanism of various toxicological aspects of drug action.

As toxicology has made tremendous strides in the sophistication of the models used to identify and understand toxic effects and underlying mechanisms of drugs/NCEs. With the advent of various stringent regulatory requirements for submission to regulatory agencies, having high skilled regulatory toxicologist will be able to cater the requirements of pharmaceutical industries

Pharmaceutical Technology (Process Chemistry)

NIPER-Hyderabad offers a two-year full-time M.Tech. (Pharm.) Pharmaceutical Technology (Process Chemistry) from 2013 onwards.

The process chemistry course is designed to provide students, the practical aspects of designing synthetic routes and methodologies which effectively translate the lab scale production to kilo gram quantities in pilot plant and to ton quantities in a manufacturing plant.

In addition, the students will also be familiarized with challenges from the regulatory agencies, emphasis on development of technological innovations, expectations for control of potential genotoxic impurities to extremely low levels, adaptation to and navigation around complicated intellectual property obligations etc., Thus, the course is designed to provide an overview of toxicology, patent law, analytical chemistry, supply chain, clinical pharmacology and regulatory disciplines, in addition to the in depth study of efficient synthetic methodologies.

Pharmaceutical Management

NIPER-Hyderabad offers a two-year full-time M.B.A (Pharm.) program in Pharmaceutical Management. This course was started in the year 2012.

It is a flagship educational program aiming at developing trained professionals with requisite skills in planning and operating management techniques; diagnosing and solving management problems; and acquiring consultancy skills, with a view to prepare the students to manage pharmaceutical industries in the areas of Marketing, Finance, HR, International Marketing and IPR’s.

As the program has set high standards for management education in the pharmaceutical management sector, it has attained the status of a premier program in the country. Our students go for training and placement to a large number of pharmaceutical organizations.

The broad objective of the program is to build knowledge and skills to perform as effective professionals in both public and private pharmaceutical sector. The syllabus and course content are designed to cater to the needs of both pharma and health sector.

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