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Dr. Nalini Shastri
Associate Professor
Department of Pharmaceutics


I have completed B.Pharm, MPharm and PhD from Bombay College of Pharmacy, Mumbai, with Pharmaceutics specialization. I am a certified six sigma green belt with a post graduate diploma in statistical quality control. I also hold a post graduate diploma in Computer programming, system analysis and design. I have worked in various pharmaceutical companies like E.Merck Ltd, Meyer Organics Ltd, Pfimex Pharmaceuticals Ltd, Armour Pharmaceuticals Ltd and Natco Pharma at Managerial level for 8 years. I was an approved chemist in chemical and instrumental analysis by Maharashtra and AP FDA. I later moved to academics and served as HOD and I/C principal at Sri Venkatestwara College of Pharmacy, Hyderabad for 11 years before joining NIPER as an Associate Professor in Oct 2009. I have served as a subject expert in Board of Studies, OU. I am also associated as a member for different IEC for BA/BE studies. I have established a Solid State Pharmaceutical Group (SSPRG) which focuses on solid state formulations, crystal engineering, cocrystals and polymorphs. .

  • Ph.D in Pharmaceutical Sciences from Bombay University in 1992.
  • M.Pharm in Pharmaceutical Sciences from Bombay University in 1988.
  • B.Pharm from Bombay University in 1986.
  • PG Diploma in Computer programming, System Analysis and Design, Bombay, 1987
  • PG Diploma in Statistical Quality Control, Hyderabad
  • Certified Green belt six sigma, SQC, Hyderabad
  • Qualified GATE in 1986 with 96 percentile (all India 21st rank)


My research activities in industry include development of different types of IR dosage forms, coated formulations, analytical method development, scale-up, validation and technology transfer. During my industrial tenure, I have launched 3 new products and 2 line extension products in Indian and South African market. I have hands on experience in validation activities right from building construction stage to dosage form processing and have executed IQ, OQ and PQ of various industrial equipments.
My group is currently involved in research area related to solid state pharmaceutics, mesoporous drug delivery systems, Fast dissolving technology, novel oral modified release particulate systems for pediatrics and geriatrics. I take keen interest in use of various software tools for formulation development and crystal/polymorph designing. One of our thrust areas is use of QbD and statistical applications for process and product optimization. Our group contribution has resulted in many national and international awards. I have guided 3 PhD students and 31 Master students, coguided 25 Master students, published 48 papers, 7 invited international book chapters and co-authored a text book on Instrumental Analysis for Dr.Ambedkar OU, AP. I have also filed 1 patent. My two clinical trials have been successfully completed and registered at CTRI.

  • Department of Pharmaceuticals (DOP), Ministry of chemical & fertilizers, Govt. of India



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