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Dr. Nandan Kumar Duddukuri
Young Scientist


Dr. Nandan Kumar Duddukuri has been working as a Young Scientist since March 2016 in Department of Pharmaceutical Technology and Process Chemistry at NIPER, Hyderabad. Previous positions held by him include Assistant Professor at the College of Pharmacy, Gachon University, Lee Gil Ya Cancer And Diabetes Institute, South Korea, during the years 2014-2015 and Post-doctoral fellow at the Department of Nuclear Medicine, Samsung Medical Center, Sungkyunkwan University School of Medicine, South Korea, during the years 2011-2013. He received a Ph.D. degree in synthetic organic chemistry from CSIR-IICT, Hyderabad (formal degree awarded by Kakatiya University) under the guidance of Dr. Biswanath Das, FRSC in 2011. He also worked as a Research Associate in Laxai Avanti Life Sciences Pvt. Ltd (ICICI Knowledge Park) after Ph.D.

  • Young Scientist and Principal Investigator under SERB-Start Up Research Grant (Feb 2016- present)
  • Post-Doctoral Fellow (2011-2013), Department of Nuclear Medicine, Samsung Medical Center, Sungkyunkwan University School of Medicine, Seoul, South Korea
  • Ph.D. (2005-2011) Synthetic Organic Chemistry, Kakatiya University & CSIR-IICT
  • Senior Research Fellowship of Joint CSIR-UGC NET, India, (2007-2010) for pursuing the doctoral research program.
  • Junior Research Fellowship (Joint CSIR-UGC NET, India) in the year 2005 for pursuing the doctoral research program.
  • GATE qualified in the year 2004, with all India rank 328. This exam was conducted by the Ministry of Human Resources Development (MHRD), Indian Institute of Science, India, 2004.


Major research interests of Dr. Nandan Kumar are organic synthesis and medicinal chemistry. In particular, his research is focused on the development of new reaction methodologies for organic synthesis, which includes natural product synthesis by implementing novel processes & technology. He shows special interest towards the designing of efficient catalytic cascade reactions that operate through uncommon modes of activation, which will result in the rapid increase of molecular complexity. Most of his doctoral work deals with the total synthesis of biologically potent natural products such as chiral pyrrolidines and Stereo controlled construction of tetra-substituted-tetrahydrofurans using 5-endo tet cyclizations. As a Post-doctoral fellow at Samsung Medical Center, he has profound experience in the synthesis of asymmetrically substituted BODIPY fluorescent labeled probes for multi-model imaging. Besides, he has got excellent knowledge and extensive experience on the synthesis and method development techniques that are applicable to small molecules, as well as in the analysis of organic compounds. He has experience in handling and working with a wide range of analytical instrumentation (LC-MS-Waters, Chiral HPLCHITACHI Premade, NMR-600 MHz-BRUKER). He is also experienced in the optimization of methods to analyze organic compounds and obtained good ee% using AD-H, OD-H columns, and further identified and developed them into potential drug candidates. He is currently focused on the development of new and efficient synthetic methodologies, for the synthesis of unprecedented druggable scaffolds and extending their scope for the excellence of pharmaceutical research.

  • Science and Technology Research Board (SERB), Department of Science and Technology, Government of India

  • A simple, concise and stereoselective synthesis of cytotoxic marine metabolite harzialactone A through three different approaches. DuddukuriNandan Kumar, CherukuRavindra Reddy, Biswanath Das*. Synthesis, 3190-3194, 2011.
  • Highly Diastereoselective Synthesis of Substituted Pyrrolidines: Total Synthesis of Bulgecinine. Biswanath Das,* Duddukuri Nandan Kumar. Synlett. 1285-1287, 2011.
  • Stereo controlled construction of tetra substituted tetra hydrofurans: Synthesis of 2,5-anhydro- Dglucitol. Biswanath Das,* Duddukuri Nandan Kumar. Tetrahedron Lett. 51, 6011-6013, 2010. (This paper has been included: Organic Chemistry Portal, Organic chemistry highlights, April 11, 2011).
  • An efficient synthesis of N-tosylamino alkyl naphthols by nucleophilic addition of 2-naphthol with N-tosylimines using boron trifluorideetherate as a catalyst. Biswanath Das,* CherukuRavindra Reddy, Chava Sindhu, DuddukuriNandan Kumar. Helv. Chem. Acta. 94, 2, 289-292, 2011.
  • A simple advantageous synthesis of 5-substituted 1H-tetrazoles.Biswanath Das,* CherukuRavindra Reddy, DuddukuriNandan Kumar, Martha Krishnaiah and RaviralaNarender.Synlett. 3, 391, 2010.
  • Stereoselective total synthesis of a potent natural antifungal compound (6S)-5,6,dihydro-6-[(2R)-2- hydroxy-6-phenyl hexyl]-2H-pyran-2-one†of phytotoxic 10-membered lactone. B. Das, K. Laxminarayana, M. Krishnaiah, DuddukuriNandan Kumar.Bioorganic & Medicinal Chemistry Letters,19, 6396-6398, 2009.

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