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Computer Lab Facility

NIPER-Hyderabad boasts state-of-the-art computer lab for learning, research, updating the literature and communication. Students are groomed to use a large assortment of software for their studies or assignments, regardless of the field of work.

The Computer Centre is solely responsible for keeping the Information and Communication Technology & Computation related facilities available to each and every member of NIPER Hyderabad.

The services provided by the Centre include:

  • Installation & Maintenance of Servers for:
    •Internet access.
    •E-mail facilities.
    •Sharing facility.
    •Proxy based authentication access.
    •Computation facilities.
    •Management and upkeep of the Official NIPER Hyderabad website.
  • Management of the Institute wide Wi-Fi enabled environment.
  • Management of the Centralized Computer Lab accessible to all the students of the institute as well as all researcher/ project students.
  • Maintaining 100 Mbps NKN Internet Leased Line, 10 Mbps stand-by Internet Leased Line, viz. NIPER Hyderabad Campus, are seamlessly connected, consisting about 200 nodes.
  • Providing technical assistance to the Academic and Administrative Staff of the Institute.
  • Providing facilities to the Students who come from various academic institutes from all over the India for their short-term project work.
  • Provides and maintains different machines having Windows and Linux Operating Systems of the Faculty & Staff members.

These facilities are constantly upgraded to meet the evolving standards of NIPER Hyderabad. The Computer Labs remain open for Ten hours (8:00 AM to 6:00PM) in a day and the students visit the labs for their general and routine computing tasks. Many departments use the facilities of the Computer Lab to conduct their practical classes & examinations. New hardware and software are procured on a regular basis so as to provide a state of the art computing facility to the NIPER Hyderabad family.

National Knowledge Network (NKN):

The Centre is also engaged in designing and facilitates the NKN Project with NIC in Campus. National Knowledge Network (NKN) project is aimed at establishing a strong and robust internal Indian network which will be capable of providing secure and reliable connectivity. Using NKN, all vibrant institutions with vision and passion will be able to transcend space and time limitations in accessing information and knowledge and derive the associated benefits for themselves and for the society towards ushering in a knowledge revolution in the country. NKN is intended to connect all the knowledge and research institutions in the country using high bandwidth / low latency network. For more details visit

Hardware & Software Facilities
  • PC platform – HP and Dell Intel Core 2 Duo / i3 / i5 / i7 / Xeon Processor – running on preloaded Windows / Linux (Ubuntu, Cent OS)
  • HP XW 6600 and Dell Precision T7500 Model Workstations for Ph.D students and faculty for their Molecular Modeling / Drug discovery research activities
  • HP DL 180 / 585 G7 Model Servers for Molecular Modeling calculations
For Molecular Modelling / Drug discovery activities, NIPER Hyderabad procured licenses for following softwares to support faculty, Ph.D scholars and students for research/academic improvement.
  • Molecular Operating Environment (MOE)
  • BIO Solve Lead IT
  • Gaussian 09w
  • Material studio
  • VLife MDS 3.5 Suite
Free softwares like AUTODOCK, NAMD, and LigandScout etc. are also in use.

  • 150 + Desktops ( 50 out of 150 Desktops are for Molecular Modeling / Drug discovery research activities ) - Preloaded windows and linux Operting System
  • 6 + Higher End Servers
  • Kaspersky antivirus
  • OpenOffice & LibreOffice
  • Adobe Reader
  • Other general softwares
  • Separate Xerox / Printer / Scanner facilities for students
  • Online journals like Reaxys / Science Direct / ACS Database access
  • Stat Soft Software for M.B.A (pharm.)

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