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News Letter is a regularly distributed publication generally about workshop or symposium. Newspapers and leaflets are types of newsletters. Newsletters delivered electronically via email (e-Newsletters) have gained rapid acceptance for the same reasons email in general has gained popularity over printed correspondence.
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News Letters

NIPER-Hyderabad Newsletters include news and upcoming events of the institute. List of News Letters:

Conducted Workshops / Symposia
arrow D2C2 - 2012
arrow Bioinformatics @ BioAsia
arrow Scope & Relevance of Ancient Indian Sciences
arrow 2nd PharmSci@India
arrow CAD3 - 2011
arrow D4PS - 2010
arrow CAD3 - 2010
arrow Medicinal Chemistry
arrow Pharmaceutical Analysis
arrow Pharmacology & Toxicology
arrow Pharmaceutics
arrow Process Chemistry
arrow Regulatory Toxicology
arrow Pharmaceutical Management
arrow Seminars & Conferences
arrow Publications
arrow Placement Cell
arrow Grievance Cell
arrow Photo Gallery
arrow News Letters
arrow Helping Hearts
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